UUA Capital, Ltd is an energy investment group financing select, high-growth projects in solar, hydropower, electricity and fossil fuels. UUA Capital finances projects with United Utilities Authority (UUA), a private energy utility partnering directly with governments of developing nations to provide efficient, reliable energy to the people of those countries.


UUA has ready-made projects focusing on power generation, transmission, and distribution primarily in Southeast Asia. Projects focus on renewable energy such as solar, wind, bio-fuel and hydro and conventional energy such as natural gas and clean coal. Project investment ranges from $6 million to $45 million with cash flows starting between 30 and 120 days.  The Company leverages capital between 5X-10X to create greater Return On Investment (ROI).

UUA Capital has fully paid up share capital of 40,000,000 GBP   (50,000,000 USD).

It is active in the acquisition of key tech to complement the variety of projects that it finances. UUA is an elegant, vertically integrated structure bringing all key aspects of the power and fuel generation industries into efficiency. 

Backed by a pool of capital, both internal and external, it can pivot and adapt to make any worthy project work better and create more value.

With 60 years of experience in the sister company United Utilities Authority, the key partners were focused on large-scale power plants and fuel generation and have been at the forefront of the contractor end of the business during this time.  Using this vital expertise alongside smart money, UUA Capital can now lead again, becoming a full cycle development company as well as owner-operator of its chosen projects. 

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