UUA Capital is a proud member of the ILO Exchange, a new way of funding companies for growth. ILOCX works with small and medium businesses to generate capital needed to build these companies and help them grow in a fast fair and secure environment.

What is an ILO?

An ILO is a distribution rights license. A purchased ILO gives the Buyer a license to promote the product owned by ILO Seller.  

Here’s how it works:

Our company makes an ILO available for sale on www.iloexchange.com. You buy units of ILOs. One unit of an ILO ranges in cost depending on the company selling it. You now own the ILO license. It can increase in value as the company grows. You will participate in a royalty program which pays you a percentage of company revenue, all this is laid out on our page at ILO Exchange. You can also sell the ILO at any time after the first revenue event, or royalty payment, so in about a year.

You agree to promote our company on social media, this qualifies the license. An ILO isn’t a share of stock. It’s not a security. It’s a registered license that has value.

To learn more about the ILO Exchange, visit www.iloexchange.com and www.ilouniversity.com.